Life Skills Workshops

SOICS offers several workshops throughout the year ranging from short, one-day seminars to multi-week series. These workshops cover a range of topics relating to successful integration of newcomers and the skills required for daily life in Canada.

Information regarding specific workshops is listed below:

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[quote style=”boxed”]Navigating the Health Care System[/quote]

An overview of different healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, walk-in clinics and pharmacies. Topics include how to find a doctor, how to make an appointment, when to go to hospital emergency and what types of questions to ask health professionals.

[quote style=”boxed”]Health Series – Mental & Physical Health[/quote]

A workshop that concentrates on ways in which people can contribute to their own health. Topics include nutrition, active living, disease prevention, treatment options, pain management and dealing with mental health issues.

[quote style=”boxed”]Introduction to Canada’s Legal System[/quote]

An overview of Canada’s legal system and basic structure. Topics include federal & provincial legal systems, court procedures, family law act, dispute resolution and child support guidelines.

[quote style=”boxed”]Income Tax Overview[/quote]

An overview of Canada’s Income Tax System and services available to clients in order to encourage proper filing. Topics include Revenue Canada Agency, tax forms, available tax credits and tax filing methods.

[quote style=”boxed”]Citizen of the Community[/quote]

A workshop that provides clients with the knowledge to navigate and integrate into their community. Topics include maintaining a healthy family, driving laws in BC, BC School systems, housing options and community resources available.

[quote style=”boxed”]Post Secondary Options & Funding Resources[/quote]

Education for youth and parents on available education options. Topics include types of post-secondary institutions, accessing bursaries, scholarships, grants, student loans and other funding options.

[quote style=”boxed”]Personal Finance, Credit & Investing[/quote]

A workshop that provides information regarding the fundamentals of personal finance and money management. Topics include the Canadian banking system, loans, building credit, mortgages, car loans, investing for retirement and saving for your child’s education.

[quote style=”boxed”]Employment Standard Laws[/quote]

Information regarding employment standard laws, minimum wage, time off, vacation pay, leaves, benefits, deductions, hours of work, overtime, collective agreements, unions, termination and resolving disputes.

[quote style=”boxed”]Interviewing Techniques & Tips[/quote]

A workshop that provides knowledge, skills and practice for employment interviews. Topics include personal appearance, interview etiquette, workplace language, cross cultural communication tips, common question answers and interview follow up.

[quote style=”boxed”]Networking – Accessing the Hidden Job Market[/quote]

A workshop that provides strategies for accessing the hidden job market. Topics include networking etiquette, local networking opportunities, informative interviews and the benefits of volunteering.

[quote style=”boxed”]Employment Assistance Programs & Credential Recognition[/quote]

Education for clients on available employment assistance programs and steps needed to get credentials evaluated. Topics include local employment services, skills connect for immigrants and credential evaluation process.


[toggle title=”Series Workshops”]

The following workshops are covered over the span of several days and are offered once or twice a year.

[quote style=”boxed”]Computer Literacy[/quote]

Computer literacy classes for adults and seniors. Topics include an introduction to computers, word processing, internet, email and much more.

[quote style=”boxed”]Community Orientation[/quote]

Provides immigrant families with an overview of the services, facilities and participatory opportunities their community has to offer.

[quote style=”boxed”]Employment – Accessing the Job Market[/quote]

Provides participants with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully access the Canadian Job market. The topics include job search skills, accessing hidden job market, resume and cover letter writing, networking skills, interview skills, Canadian workplace culture, dressing for success, self promotion techniques and effective communication skills.

[quote style=”boxed”]Life Skills for Youth[/quote]

Provides youth clients with the life skills they need to succeed in school, work and community. Topics include leadership skills, integration strategies, communication skills, integration strategies and general life skills.



Please visit our Calendar of Events to view upcoming workshop dates and times.

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