Skills Connect

The Skills Connect for Immigrants Program (Skills Connect) can assist new immigrants with finding meaningful employment by helping fund part of skills upgrading and/or training costs. The goal is to help skilled immigrants obtain employment that maximizes their pre-arrival skills, qualifications, and experience. Individual client services are delivered for a period of up to one year.

Eligibility Criteria:

    • You became a permanent resident of Canada within the last 5 years; and
    • You are unemployed or underemployed; and
    • You are not receiving any Provincial or Federal Government assistance (e.g. Employment Insurance, Income Assistance); and
    • You have at least an intermediate level of English language proficiency

If you are eligible, Skills Connect will:

    • Assess your skills, qualifications and experiences; and
    • Provide targeted career counselling and career planning services; and
    • Provide funding to help with upgrading your skills to work in Canada; and
    • Provide hands-on workplace experience through mentoring and other innovative approaches

80% of the participants who completed this program have found a meaningful career that uses their skills and training. This program is part of WelcomeBC, a suite of programs funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. WelcomeBC helps newcomers settle, integrate and find employment in their new communities.

All of SOICS’ services are free for eligible immigrants. For more information on becoming a SOICS client, please visit Getting Started at SOICS. To make an appointment, please call or visit one of our offices:

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