Get Started at SOICS

Step 1 – Book An Appointment

Before you can access any of SOICS’ services, you must first get registered. To book an appointment, please call or visit our office:

340 Ellis Street
Penticton, British Columbia
(250) 492-6299

Step 2 – Get Registered

When you come for your first appointment, please bring ONE of the following:

    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Landing Document (IMM 1000 or 5292 or 5688)
    • Citizenship Certificate
    • PNP Approval Letter
    • Live-In Caregiver Worker Visa

Plus ONE piece of photo identification:

    • Driver’s License
    • Passport (Canadian or Foreign)
    • British Columbia ID

Step 3 – Identify Needs and Access Services

During your first appointment, your settlement counsellor will assess your language, settlement and employment needs in order to determine which programs and services you are eligible for. You can then decide which programs and services you would like to access.

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