Multicultural Potluck

For its annual winter celebration, SOICS organised and hosted a multi-cultural potluck in December 2014.  Staff, volunteers and students brought varied flavours to our doorstep in the form of ethnic cuisines.  The menu comprised of appetizers, salads, main courses, deserts, baked goods and beverages.  There were a total of 29 dishes including Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Nepali, Indian, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Korean, Chinese, German, French and Ukrainian.  Our computer lab was filled with the aroma of global delicacies.  Several food items were served in traditional pots, using authentic utensils, some of which were hand decorated.  This arrangement contributed towards creating a colourful sight.  Neuroscientists believe that food and drink are identified predominantly by the senses of smell and sight, not just taste: our winter celebration proved just that.  Attendees were walking around the buffet eagerly observing the food spread and admiring the layout.  Each of the food items was accompanied by a brief description of its ingredients. The quest of those present for new flavour experiences and how they can be combined was a true indication of how globalization works.