Global Art Project

Joining Hands for World Peace

Together with SD 67, SOICS’ Multicultural Buddy Program took part in the Lets All Join Hands annual project through the Global Art Project for Peace.  Students from 5 Elementary Schools traced their hands on coloured construction paper.  Each handprint was then decorated and had a message of peace either drawn or written on it.  During the creation, the SOICS facilitator explained the concept of this project and engaged students in discussing their idea of peace.  The result was a rich assortment of designs from a variety of ethnic background.

The project ran through the course of 6 months and by the end of the year we sent off approximately 50 handprints to Global Art Project head office in Tuscan, Arizona.  These handprints are strung together at Tuscan by volunteers and are displayed with thousands of others from around the world in the celebration of peace and diversity.  Participation in the project is meant to be a “tangible representation of the people around the world who join their energy together to create a peaceful future”.

Global Art Project website has a “Hand Gallery” through which you can see what other people have created.

Information on Let’s All Join Hands and other Global Art Projects or to watch project videos online, please click here.

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